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Good news!Congratulation to several projects went into production successfully.The project progress upgrade to a new stage.Noticias

Recently,a big domestic project has been gone into production successfully and our engineers came home in triumph.This is a large-scale project for a big tableware production enterprises by BeSure Technology Co., LTD. The successful operation of this project will meet the output demand of the enterprise with an annual output of 2300 tons of paper pulp molding tableware or cup lid, and the business expansion of Besure will take a new step.



In order to ensure the smooth operation of the project, the professional service team of Besure overcame the impact of the epidemic, insisted on carrying out efficient & professional technical support,.They carried out professional installation and production experience training on the spot, and completed the installation and commissioning of several production lines. The rigorous and meticulous work style has won the high recognition of customers and laid a solid foundation for further in-depth cooperation between the two sides.



In addition, good news has been reported frequently. Recently, a number of projects have been successfully handed over and put into operation. The equipment acceptance and delivery of several projects are in advance of the original schedule.



Besure team made a great progress at pulp molding equipment delivery schedule!It provides a strong guarantee to delivery products on time to customers.This depends on the strong support provided by the service team of Besure.

Carrying forward the reputation and making steady progress, now the equipment level of Besure has reached the leading level in China.

Besure will take this achievement as the responsibility and driving force to continue to move forward for the healthy and the high-quality development of the pulp molding industry.