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High-speed railway milk tea witness the speed of China, pulp molding sealed cup highlights the height of the country!Noticias

High-speed railway milk tea has gone viral on various social media platforms.According to Guangzhou Railway, named "that girl", the tea was launched in mid-October and is now sold on all high-speed trains in Hunan and Guangdong provinces, with an average of 3,000 cups sold every day and often out of stock.



The application scenarios of milk tea are increasingly rich. Behind this huge consumer group, the market scale of disposable sealed paper cups will further expand.


Drinking milk tea while riding the high-speed train, you can feel the speed of China's development. In recent years,there is a global movement to ban plastic.The "ban on plastic" has demonstrated the determination of the country, environmental protection packaging is imperative.High-speed railway milk tea is full of creativity, its packaging culture is also bound to be closely integrated with the development of the national trend in the future. The pulp molding cup,which is made by virgin pulp ,is ideal for use as a milk tea cup with its naturally degradable advantages.



In a nutshell, the reason why high-speed railway milk tea is hotly discussed by netizens is that high-speed railway, as the main way of long and short distance travel at present, passengers can solve the food problem on high-speed railway, which is still the most convenient and worry free choice.


The pulp molding disposable sealed cup can effectively solve the problems of poor sealing of the lid and mouth in the packaging of milk tea and leakage, which greatly improves the overall image of the product and the user's sense of experience. It is the perfect choice for milk tea cups.


With the tea market heat gradually rising, the development of sealed cup, paper cup lid and other industries have a broad prospect. TSMP-9570 ,the fully automatic pulp molding cup lid machine is a high-tech product developed by BeSure Technology, which is used for the production of disposable pulp molding cup lid, cup and tableware products.Its suitable for tea catering, take-out, food packaging and other industries.


The equipment is driven by servo motor, with fast speed and high precision.The cup lid produced by this machine,its angle of Under-cut closes to 0.5mm.And the cup lid is with strong sealing and high sealing degree, safe and no side leakage! High precision mold and high requirements of the equipment, is the great research achievements of BeSure Technology. Take cup lid products as an example, each production cycle is as low as 35s, which can reach the daily production capacity of 100,000 pieces, which can meet the market demand for project products.



High-speed railway, as a bright name card of China's railway to the world, leaves people with the impression of fast and comfortable, and the launch of high-speed railway milk tea is the extension of its comfort.


The pulp molding sealed cup will be the soul of the drink cup! Convenient and worry free, more environmental protection, is to demonstrate the responsibility of a big country to a new height!